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Laura Stokes, Cheltenham Lifestyle & Business

'Karen Espley guides us on her journey starting from a shaky childhood, via the freedom of university and into the corporate chasm of the 1990’s. We follow our impulsive explorer as she stands full height (all 5’2” of it) and faces childhood trauma, depression and sexism to head off on the adventure she’d always dreamt of.
As she joins a research trip to Antarctica, Karen’s descriptive writing and humour brings to life the colourful characters she meets along the way, together with the bleak Russian base camp, partying with the Uruguayans, pizza fuelled nights of salsa dancing and encounters with smelly penguins,angry sea lions and ferocious skuas. The confined living quarters, different personalities and difficult group dynamics are balanced by stunning scenery, once in a life time events and wonderful memories shared from what was clearly a life altering experience.

I had the privilege of reading this delightfully honest and exhilarating tale before publication and Karen’s friendly tone as she describes her physical and mental journey makes it feel as though you’re with an old friend, it’s one of those books you want to read from beginning to end in one glorious

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Sue StockdaleFirst UK woman to ski to the Magnetic North Pole

‘An unputdownable book! Rather like a box of chocolates, you want to finish it all in one go. Highly recommended reading for the armchair adventurer.’

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Andrew Middleton - Founder of INDY (I’m Not Done Yet)

‘The Impulsive Explorer is about bravery, of not letting arbitrary limits diminish your potential and opportunities, and living your life to its fullest.

Karen demonstrates more bravery and chutzpah than 99% of the UK population.

It’s a bloody good adventure showing that sometimes you
just have to JFDI.’

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"You know you are enjoying a book after getting off the toilet and finding out you have no blood circulation in your legs. A book you cannot stop reading once you start. Time just slips away.
Honest and uplifting
H Allen

"After the year we’ve had, The Impulsive Explorer punches a strong message about how we use our lives. The conveyor belt of best school grades to best Uni to best profession doesn’t (shock, horror) guarantee the best life.

Life coaches should have it on their reading list."
J Murrray

"Inspiring - and fun!
This is a must journey out of lockdown.  Leave the workplace behind and join the Antarctic adventures of our impulsive explorer.  Her daily accounts of spartan life and food on a Russian base, meetings with penguins and sea lions, collecting water samples and lichens for research, and the eccentricities of her companions are all told with great humour and an eye for the ridiculous.  But the overwhelming stillness of a frozen landscape of glaciers and icebergs also instil the ultimate sense inner calm and peace.  Look out - there are two more adventures to come!
J Bray

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