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After 15 years working in large businesses, clawing her way up the greasy career ladder starting as an admin assistant through to being the business manager on a £12m IT project where she worked increasingly long hours with almost unbearable levels of stress, Karen realised there must be more to life.

Having had a life-changing trip to the Antarctic in 2000 and saved enough money to last a year, she took the plunge and began her journey to find a different way to live and to escape from the expectations she grew up with.

She went on to work in start-ups, has been in businesses that have failed, been in a business that grew from nothing to 150 employees and was bought, was an owner and shareholder of a successful consultancy practice and has been a freelance consultant. And studied for an MBA to understand in more depth how business works. She's learned (sometimes painful) lessons and has helped many businesses grow using her broad experience and the lessons she's learned along the way and published a book – The Profitable Business - to help small businesses grow and succeed.

She's lived on a Russian base in the Antarctic and worked as a project manager in a rainforest in Ghana with Raleigh International. She then travelled back to the UK through West Africa via Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal using only public transport which can't recommend this to anyone! She had a midlife crisis at the age of 50 and travelled around New Zealand and Australia in a camper van in 2013.

She has written the first of three books about these adventures – the first ‘The Impulsive Explorer’ about her trip to the Antarctic which will be followed by ‘The Curious Explorer’ and the ‘The Escaping Explorer’.

She lives in West Sussex with her two cats planning the next stage of her adventure!

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